Herradura is a tequila distillery located in the town of Amatitán in Jalisco, Mexico. Founded in 1870, the distillery has been producing tequila for over 150 years and is considered one of the oldest and most respected tequila producers in Mexico. Herradura is known for its high-quality tequila made from 100% blue Weber agave, which is grown in the rich red soil of the Jalisco highlands. The distillery uses traditional production methods, including slow cooking the agave in clay ovens, using a tahona (a large stone wheel) to crush the cooked agave, and aging the tequila in American oak barrels.

Herradura Tequila Anejo

Rp. 1.082.000

Herradura Tequila Reposado

Rp. 853.000

Herradura Tequila Plata


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